Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Shown above, left side, the 3rd version of the fiery planet Thrull and its moons and also the 3rd version of the Autobot spaceship; right side, the Quintesson and Sharkticons in the court chamber. Below is the 3rd version of Ultra Magnus. 

Shown above, preceding illustration, Galvatron defending the Decepticon Hall of Heroes from Unicron.  I just found out that Unicron art is sought after by Transformers collectors than either Optimus Prime, Galvatron or Megatron, and the most expensive too. UNICRON  is also shown in Chapter 68.

The preceding wacky robot drawings are not Transformers but just two of the numerous designs I did for the Megas XLR. The first one, the dragon, is based on my 1st version design of the Transformers Mechano-beast. But the following concept designs are from the animated Transformers movie.

The first version of Fortress Maximus, shown above, transforms to Autobot City, shown below.

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