Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All ANONYMOUS comments will be DELETED. Also, comments by anyone WITHOUT A BLOG or SITE will be DELETED.

This blog has been visited by artists, scratching chickens, crickets and some very nasty "transformers" cave trolls, hahaha, from 124 countries and counting. Their countries of origin, referring URLs and SITES were registered in the blog STATS.

The artists who visited this blog were from the following countries: Paraguay, Cameroon, Myanmar [Burma], Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Panama, Ă…land Islands, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Gabon, Jersey, Iraq, Guam, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Kenya, Ghana, Lesotho, Palestinian Territories, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Anguilla, Fiji, Kuwait, Cambodia, Maldives, New Caledonia, Jordan, Isle of Man, Nicaragua, Malta, Brunei, Trinidad and Tobago, Luxembourg, Nepal, Ecuador, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macau, Morocco, El Salvador, Colombia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Guatemala, Uganda, Peru, Macedonia[FYROM], Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Aruba, Iceland, Israel, Malawi, Cyprus, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Estonia, Poland, Egypt, Hong Kong, Finland, Honduras, Venezuela, Mauritius, Taiwan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Lebanon, Croatia, Serbia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, United States, Philippines, Romania, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, France, Greece, Lithuania, Malaysia, Austria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Jamaica, Denmark, Spain, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Bahrain, Belgium, Sweden, Bangladesh, Slovakia, Singapore, Ireland, Andorra, Turkey, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland and counting.


  1. I have been a fan since I was a child and I can say for sure that your talent is as sharp as ever if not more so. I want you to know that some of us really take great enjoyment in the work you've done and wish you only the best. Thank you and I wish you continued success in all your future projects.

    Matthew Allen Hibner

  2. Matthew, thank you also.

    Hello Judit! How's everything in Hungary?

  3. Have you ever considered doing a creator owned comic? I would love to see your work presented as 100% you, doing something you own.

    Also, I would be curious to know what current artists you like and enjoy, if any.

    Either way, I love you work, and I've learned a lot reading this blog.


  4. Have you shared any of this comic online? I would be very interested in seeing some of it.


  5. Hello sir , can you please post your illustrated sunday spiderman strips

  6. Use Google, you can find those illustrated Sunday Spider-man strips.

  7. Mr. Dery, I just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your work. I think you're one of unsung heroes of comics and animation. The shameful behavior of the "cave trolls" you mention above greatly saddens me, especially since I consider myself a fan of the robots you helped to create. Admittedly, it was because of these robots that I became aware of your other work in comics and animation. You also opened the door to the world of Philipino komiks, which I knew nothing about. I've tried to track down as many of your comics as I can find. I've managed to get my hands on some Spiderman reprints and some things you drew for DC. (I paid homage to one of these DC shorts in a comic I recently drew). I hope those "cave trolls" haven't ruined things for everyone. I completely sympathize with your feelings but I also feel that TF's are an important part of your legacy. I hope someday you get the credit you deserve. Thank you for sharing your work and for your humor and insight.