Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Many comic illustrators have not completely mastered the use of EXAGGERATION and DYNAMIC TENSION on characters in comics, and many more don’t even know the easiest and the very basic technique on how to draw a SUPERHERO character with exaggeration and dynamic tension. In the previous chapters I already explained these exaggeration and dynamic tension on superheroes, but my explanations are not effective enough to some artists to understand. So, this time I’m going to elaborate on this elementary but UNCONVENTIONAL technique which I call THE SUPER PAC TECHNIQUE that can be understood by any artist, even a “SCRATCHING CHICKEN.” Actually, I have briefly touched on this technique already in Chapter 17. Also, I’m going to elaborate on who are these scratching chickens in the next chapter.
Consider the drawing of a CONSTIPATED character that is shown above; a sequence of three drawings of another CONSTIPATED character that are derived from it are necessary to consider by an artist in order for him to eventually draw a superhero character with exaggeration and dynamic tension. These three are drawings A, B and C which are shown below. Note that the drawing above serves as an “outline” of the three drawings below. Remember, I mentioned “unconventional” technique, hehehe.

In drawing A, Super Pac feels like he’s extremely constipated and wants to take a crap in his brief, hihihi. Do superheroes wear briefs or panties under their tights? Whatever, in drawing B, Pac actually has diarrhea and he tries to defecate but can’t because hard dry feces are blocking the passage. And in drawing C, he forces himself to crap in his brief. His face betrays an exaggerated angry-like look and at the same time his body is tense because of the exaggerated tension he’s exerting.
Drawing C is the superhero action-pose of Super Pac with exaggeration and dynamic tension; that is, he has an angry-like exaggerated look and also an exaggerated tense body. It is much better if he’s drawn to look angrier and extremely tense. Without doubt it is apparent that superheroes look like they are ALL CONSTIPATED. Hahaha!
With my unconventional technique, I hope that most comic illustrators know now how to draw a superhero with exaggeration and dynamic tension. To know more about the alternative, serious and conventional technique, go to Chapter 17.